objection (الْاِعْتِرَاض)

objection (الْاِعْتِرَاض)

علوم القرآن العقيدة

التعريف :

To refuse, reject and be unwilling to accept something.

المعنى الاصطلاحي :

The abstention of the heart and the limbs from showing contentment, submission, and compliance with the truth.

الشرح المختصر :

"I‘tirād" (objection) is of three types: 1. "I‘tirād" to Allah's names and attributes by means of misconceptions, fancies, and invalid interpretations. 2. "I‘tirād" to the law of Allah and His judgment by means of declaring things lawful or unlawful based on unsound opinions and malicious allegations. 3. "I‘tirād" to Allah's actions, predestination, and decree by means of displaying discontentment and imitating the practices of the pre-Islamic era of ignorance.

التعريف اللغوي المختصر :

"I‘tirād": abstention and refusal. Opposite: "inqiyād" (compliance), "tā‘ah" (obedience). Derived from "‘ard", which means appearance and exposition. It is also said to be derived from "‘ard" (a homonym for the first one), which means breadth, as opposed to height. Other meanings: contradiction, violation, resistance, avoidance, denial.