animal (الْبَهِيمَةُ)

animal (الْبَهِيمَةُ)

الفقه أصول الفقه

التعريف :

Every type of land and sea animals.

المعنى الاصطلاحي :

Every quadruped, whether it lives on land or in water.

الشرح المختصر :

The "baheemah" (quadruped) is every animal that walks on four legs, whether it lives on the land or in the sea, such as camels, cows, and sheep. However, the term is normally used to refer to animals with four legs other than predatory animals that have canines or claws.

التعريف اللغوي المختصر :

"Baheemah": male or female quadruped (four-legged animal) such as cows and sheep, or any quadruped that lives on land or in water. It is derived from "ibhaam", which means vagueness and concealment.